01 February 2008

is the clock broken?

whimper. whilst always happy to have my manlyman home, rarely do i literally count the minutes hours until he is to walk through the front door. this is one of those rare days.

today thehobbit has more energy than a chiahuahua drinking his third espresso... & i don't. to make it worse, he keeps remembering that his best pals are at disneyland, then behaves quite wretchedly.

at the moment it's a happy, caffeinated pup that's running about the room. he is wearing (in addition to the uniform) a straw hat, with a pale blue square of chiffon draped over his head/face. i'm told it is to keep away the mosquitoes.

& did i mention i'm out of soycreamer again? oh terrible agony! no hot, creamy, sweet cup of love at the end of the day. i'm sorry pom! i know you are shaking your head at me in frustration this very moment!

so as not to focus too much on hopped-up shorties, & the misery of the lack of liquid love... yesterday thehobbit & i went to the library to pick up the shelf of books i had on hold. to my surprise, i saw that their used book sale room is now open daily. oh joy of joys! look at the treasure i snagged for a dollar...

this book is really helpful to me, because our growing season is vastly different from what the usual garden books discuss. i still have one active tomato plant! in february! the funny thing is i meant to see if they had it on the stacks! no need to ever borrow this book again. yay used book room!

i am loving all the books i'd put on hold as well. do any of you like to borrow cook & crafting books before you buy them? i do. one that i definitely am going to add to my collection is this, by angry chicken. it really is as amazing as everyone claims!

ahhhh manlyman is home. i am going to go hide under the covers with my stack of books. ~peace.

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