06 April 2008

she's getting mushy again

tomorrow is one of my 'versaries! manlyman is taking me to paris to celebrate. at least i'm pretty sure he is. each time i ask him what he'd like to do, he replies, "i don't know." i'm not falling for his ruse. i know that he knows that i'd like to sail to paris, so i'm certain that is what he's planned. i should start packing. or! perhaps; because he's made no mention of suitcases; he's also planning on buying me a new wardrobe once there! that must be it. ahhh... just think of it: this time tomorrow i shall be on a ship bound for france. the honeymoon we would have had all those years ago had we not been broke struggling artists. ooh la la!

my present to him shall be magic. i am going to take the filthy sty in which we live, & turn it into a home that is clean. mountains of things blocking pathways - poof! things everywhere to trip over - poof! piles of clean & dirty laundry becoming one - poof! poof! poof! once i dig thehobbit out of his playroom, & locate my wand.

so you see i have manlyman on the brain today. 18 years together, 16 years married, & 9 years publicly wedded, & still he makes my heart go pitter-pat. to my lover, my split-apart, my raison d'etre, my wonder twin, my husband: you have stolen my heart, & brought me more joy than even i could have imagined possible. i am happy that you are mine. & you are mine. aaaall mine. i have a legally binding piece of paper to prove it. that's right my gorgeous man - i own you.

our song
our other song (to which i later walked down the aisle.)


~Phaedra~ said...

Ya made me all teary, you did. Bon Voyage!
I think the peeps are something to do with age......snigger

kat said...

are we talking about your peeps & your age my sweet friend who is about to have a birthday?
my peeps are everything to do with not doing my kegels. so there.

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