15 April 2008

put that hobbit to work!

have i told you that thehobbit has a job? he is in charge of shredding junk mail, & old bills. each week he fills a large bag with the shreds, & takes them to auntiesoap's house.
once there he puts the shreds into the hens' boxes, & takes out any eggs he finds. his payment for this important task? eggs! fresh, organic, eggs from chickens that are treated with love. they are the best eggs we've ever tasted.
photo :: property of shenanigans

these are the girls. there are more of them, but i suppose they weren't in the mood to be photographed. bad feather day or some such.

that's what thehobbit is doing as i type... shredding. he takes his job quite seriously. i'm glad auntie offered this responsibility to him, & that she's giving eggs instead of cash. barter rocks!


golfit93 said...

does your computer not have spell check? - websters correct spelling calapitter -duh!!!

kat said...

how could i have erred so?!!!!

that's how thehobbit says it - calapitter.

manlyman: handsome & sassy.


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