03 April 2008

mamas make it all better

thank you - all one of you - for putting up with my blahtitude. i slip into it every so often, & occasionaly; as you have noticed; i do not easily get out. to be honest: by the time i'm fully into the blahtitude i don't try to get out... hence the wallowing. this time the blah was in danger of morphing into a full funk, which is not something to be wallowed in. no no no.

there was something that began pulling me up through the blah, but i'd rather not discuss that. suffice it to say i see things more clearly. the main hoisting up through the blahmurk, & back into normalcy (ha!) happened last night. paper & soap took me for a belated birthday dinner, then we went to our usual wednesday nee tuesday coffee shop for crafting. the oh so lovely bhan joined us, & we crafted/chatted into the night. mamas make it all better, just by being themselves... & by not requiring me to be anything other than i am at any given moment.

today thehobbit & i are staying home specifically to spend the day together. we'll be working on 100 somethings. paper's post explains the project. thehobbit has no interest in making 100 dresses, so we're not yet sure what our somethings shall be. we are considering 100 gnomies made from magazine pages.

for now thehobbit is playing quietly without me. mmmmm quiet mornings are the best! he has a container of sand to which he's added half a bottle of iron filings. there are teeny animals in the sand, but those don't appear to be for anything other than chatting with. basically he's using magnets to find all the iron. did you do this at at the beach and/or park when you were little? i did, & thought it was the greatest of fun. kids are so easy to entertain.

have a lovely, peaceful, unblahtitude day!


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