04 April 2008

in a former life...

... i did something terrible to technology. something horridly unspeakable. & now, in this life, i'm paying for it.

there is still no wifi on elvie, & now i cannot get her dial-up to work. or perhaps she's found out my previous life's deep, dark secret, & is refusing to work properly. no internet on elvie means no printing for tomorrow's hogwarts, & no photos for you.

striking technology aside - thehobbit & i had a lovely, quiet day together. we played on the farm, worked on our 100 project ("shirts" was the final choice,) went to a thrift shop, & read a few chapters. while out back we saw baby pigeons attempting to take their first flights. neither of them actually made it off the roof, but it was fun to watch. we also harvested quite a lot of food, including the very first ever fennel. over a decade of gardening, & it still astounds me that i can plant a seed, & it will grow into what it's supposed to.

i like when thehobbit falls asleep with a lovely day still in his mind - i always hope it will result in lovely dreams. or at least ones not featuring me leaving him somewhere, & forgetting to come back for him. those always result in me having to assure him; repeatedly; in the morning that i shall not leave him somewhere, nor should he need worry i would forget to come back for him... were i lying about the first assurance.

as much as i enjoyed my day with my sweet hobbit, i'm feeling very melancholy tonight. no blahs or funks on the way... no need to worry that another woe is me post is on the horizon. i'm just in my own head tonight.

i hope your dreams tonight are lovely.


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