18 April 2008

now even i miss my photos

it's come to pass my sweet & only reader. i am officially sick of having to choose between clip art, & no photos. i need to sit down with elvie, & figure out once & for all what is going on. i've done all i know how to do, & consulted with those who know more than where the on/off switch is located. now i think i need to do the uninstall-reinstall tango.

unfortunately i haven't the time today. nor the next few days, but definitely this week. i swear it upon a stack of historical romance novels! ooooh she's serious now.

today was all about crafting. well errands, cooking, & mamahood too, but the rest... that was all about crafting.

i am two rows away from completing my first knitted dishcloth! it looks nothing like it's supposed to, but i am quite proud of it. i did a double moss (or double seed) stitch on #7s, using sage green cotton yarn. see me using actual knitting jargon? i want to make a bunch more; using an unbleached cotton color; but i think i'll stick with a garter stitch for those.
** edited to add - i finished it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **

i designed a knitting bag! this one is longer horizontally, than it is tall. i really like the way it turned out; & i wish i could share it with you. i used a lightweight, funky fabric for the outside, and a soft sweater-y(?) material for the lining. i want one now; this was made for another; but with damask on the outside, & a linen lining. or perhaps i have some patchwork left?

there was also loads of rifling through fabric bins; for inspiration; but i ran out of time to craft more. i hope to finish the dishcloth tonight. then i'll frame it! no nasty filth for my masterpiece.

have a great night sweet reader... i'm off to put the kettle on.

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