24 April 2008

today's theme :: books

we have officially run out of room. every bookcase is filled, & i've resorted to stacking books here & there, pretending they are artful arrangements. soon the stacks shall be large enough to use as furniture. yet i cannot stop getting more - i love books so.

here is last night's purchase!

i bought it for $1 at the library's sale room!!! the photos are wonderful, & there is a large section that teaches all of the embroidery stitches. i cannot explain how happy this treasure makes me. & no old book stink either.
we also purchased this book a few weeks ago, as well as this other book. i've borrowed them a few times from the library, but i thought it was time we finally owned them. about half the activities we'll never do; like hunting; but that still leaves a great many things we can try. if you're interested in getting the books, don't limit yourself to whichever sex child you have. there is much in them that would appeal to either.
bringing our theme to a close, i want to tell you about a fun series that teaches history. the official website has the full list of books in this series, as well as a few web books. check those out to get an idea what the actual books are like. in the uk they go by a different name.
we've been a fan for a few years now, & cannot get enough. happily our library carries most of the titles. right now we're borrowing all those dealing with ancient cultures, to recap what we studied this year with the history club. sorry if you're local, & needed one! i'll try to get them back to the library soon. soonish. before they're over due.
having nothing to do with a book in anyway, but i just have to share.... i am knitting with ribbon! thehobbit wanted a funky bag to wear on a long strap, so i thought i'd try knitting one. the ribbon is about a quarter inch wide, matte, & multi-colored. i didn't think i would like how it looked, but it's really funky, & fun to knit.
that's all for today. go buy some books, or go to the library. or both!
** edited to add:: seriously... why does blogger keep removing my spaces between paragraphs? **


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I have so many books. Book stores are dangerous places for me to go because I often end up coming home with one.

kat said...

by 'one' i hope you mean 'one bookstore.' otherwise i'll have to accuse you of having will power ;-)

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