19 April 2008

sunday, lovely sunday

poor today. today is not getting any love around here. today we are rushing about, trying to get ready for tomorrow, as well as squeezing in all the to-dos i ran out of time for yesterday. why do i love sunday? let me count the ways...

1 - tomorrow is the big 4-0 for oddsox! joyeux anniversaire mon amie! see you at the faire :-)

2 - on the morrow we hie to the renaissance faire.

3 - manlyman got the day off work to go to the faire with us... huzzah!

4 - tomorrow's moon shall be full. thehobbit loves putting out treats for the faeries at the full moon. let's hope i don't forget. again.

i hope your weekend is a lovely one. see you on monday.
~peace, kat

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