07 April 2008

change for change

i've been moving the furniture about again. two successful hacks in one sitting! the links & blogs
<-------------- over there - shall now open in new windows. the labels -------> over there as well.

but that's not all. if you look <----- that way again, & scroll down a tad, you'll see i've gone over to the dark side. but! if you've been clicking my book titles, you know i've always sent you to the evil amazon. the difference is now i get a few pennies when you buy something i've listed. you can think of it as helping fund my coffee addiction, or sticking it to the man one penny at a time. whatever helps you sleep well at night.

if you prefer the library for all your reading/listening needs - now my list shows the covers for easy identification once at la bibliotheque. (see me gearing up for tomorrow's trip to paris?)

ps... if my filthy money grubbing upsets you, please don't feel the need to tell me. my ignorance is bliss.

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