17 April 2008

random randomosity (real word)

here is where i whine...

i had a huge piece of cake last night; whilst out with the tu-wednesday night mamas; then stayed up late with manlyman. today i feel oogy. deep in the pits of oogosity if you will. my stomach is still roiling, & i want very much to go back to bed. for some reason thehobbit wasn't interested in sleeping past 7am.

here is where i no longer whine... perhaps...

* there's been a discussion on english lessons on one of my homeschool e-lists. a few of us suggested using school house rock videos. i searched youtube, & i found some of my favorites to share with you. this, this, & of course this (which we've been singing to thehobbit since before he was born.)

* a friend finally gave me the link to her blog. she writes about her life as a homeschooling, single mama. please visit her, & say hello! in the future, you can find her over there <-------- with the other bloggies.

* all morning thehobbit has been listening to cds his auntiespryte has sent him over the years. this is the song he is currently playing. don't click the link if you don't want a song stuck in your head all day. just kidding... go on & click on it! no scaredy-kats around here. the fan video is actually pretty cute.

* the belfrys are in get-ready mode for this sunday's trip back in time! elizabethan england here we come! this year manlyman has opted to not wear a costume, because he is a party pooper. we're thrilled that our favorite act the bold & stupid men, shall be there again this year. if you went to peek at them, our faire gets bolt upright & gianni vespa. i thehobbit cannot wait to see their show!

* thehobbit just now informed me that he is "done playing music today, because my throat is singificated out!" first let me say "yay", & second... "singificated?" that is so not a real word. where did he learn to talk like that?

this doth bring today's babble to an end. i shall see thee anon. prithee cease thy whining. i but bring thee a taste of the next sennight's monday's post. fare thee well!


golfit93 said...


one who is tired/bored of singing
paula "diet coke" abdul say's it on american idol alot

kat said...

the golf has gone to your head - you are quoting paula abdul!

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