22 April 2008

the ever-increasing to-do list:

1. put everything away even though there are too many everythings, & too few places in which to put them. make sure to dust & sweep again, so thehobbit's dust mite allergy doesn't trigger an asthma attack.
2. water & weed the farm. try not to cry when you find yet another plant destroyed by bugs or birds. calculate if you've time to start more seeds, or if you'll need to suck it up, & buy plants.
3. research for the articles you are writing for the homeschool website. don't forget to actually write those articles. apologize to p & p for falling behind. again.
4. keep hounding the legislators regarding the current homeschool court case. try to get others to step up, & get involved. while you're doing that, write more letters to stop the city from imposing a dollar fee for every inter-library loan.
5. play with thehobbit.... really 'be' there.
6. read this month's book club book - after you finish last month's.
7. go to the grocery store. & the other one. & the other one.
8. if you actually get to any of those stores, make three meals a day for a family riddled with food allergies/sensitivities. snacks too.
9. try to be all the things people require you to be. try not to be hurt when they are annoyed that you cannot be all they require.
10. sew for upcoming show. for your etsy shop. for custom orders. for birthday prezzies, for yourself.
11. pay attention to manlyman... really 'be' there.
12. yoga?
13. plan & prepare for roots&shoots meetings, holidays, events, book/craft gig, hogwarts classes, & the homeschool expo session. oops! don't forget to get the hogwarts blog set-up to tie into the expo session.
14. get to every class, meeting, field trip, event, outing, playdate. on time. bring lunch & snacks. forget batteries for the camera. again.
15. find days/times to squeeze in all the to-dos. rearrange that schedule more than once. consider buying white-out rather than just scribbling over everything. contact people to schedule, to reschedule, to rereschedule.
16. do science, art, history, cooking, etc, etc, etc project with thehobbit... really 'be' there.
17. be more busy than is humanly possible, all the while knowing there are at least a dozen things to-do that you've forgotten.
18. do almost all of the above with a 10yo in tow. remember why you chose homeschooling, why you chose to have your child with you for all his waking hours. be frustrated anyway.
19. breathe.

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