16 April 2008

of creatures & pincushions

ok my sweet, & only reader - things here at the belfry have gotten a tad out of control. you know we have a giant jar in which lives a fish, 2 small jars housing black widows, & the jar we talked about here. all told, more than enough creatures in jars; wouldn't you agree? of course you agree, as you are neither manlyman, nor thehobbit. you are sane. well it seems i forgot we had joined an order for painted lady larvae. they arrived yesterday (in two containers)... all 14 of them!
now i have to admit there is a small part of me that's thrilled at so many creatures. the part that loves butterflies. but! are there 2+14 butterflies currently in my house? no there are not. creepy crawlies everywhere. for now i remain oogificated (real word.) i knew i had to buy a new butterfly habitat, but now all i can think is we're going to need a bigger boat.
unrelated to any of the above; have you seen the new website crafstylish?! i've only poked about a little bit, but so far i like what i've seen. in their sewing section is a great tutorial for teeny pincushions.
photo :: property of craftstylish.com
they really are adorable. soap has a book dedicated to pincushions, & teeny ones were featured. i thought about making some, then promptly forgot. when i found this tutorial last night, i grabbed the materials, & made it right then & there! for a first attempt i have to say it's quite ugly. i had fun though, so shall try again. does anyone have plastic bottle caps i could use? we don't buy anything that comes with that type of cap. if you have some, & are local, please let me know. in thanks i shall make you an ugly pincushion of your very own :-)
& that brings today's babble to a close. i hope you have a lovely wednesday!
*edited to add - why does blogger keep taking away the spaces between paragraphs? anyone?*


Anonymous said...

The painted ladies will be nice once they're grown. I had some when I was a kid.

kat said...

they are a lovely species of butterfly. for now they are squirmy.

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