01 April 2008

a blah day

first no wireless on elvie, then all day without wireless on delilah! i know it's not the end of the world; except that it is; but i specifically cancelled today's craft/book gig so i could get work done. i thought i'd do that grownieup thing where one stops watching youtube, & looking for new blogs to love, & actually does the work one has promised. still no wireless on elvie by the way, & i have no idea why.

i've been trying to play catch-up the last few days. it's slow going, but i'm getting things marked off the to-do list. the downside to getting caught up is that i've had no time for crafting or sewing. blah. i wish i had hermione's time turner, so i could get all my to-dos to-done, then go back & play.

today has been such a strange day. we cancelled our usual outing, i couldn't work without the wireless, a childhood friend emailed that her mother passed away on friday, it's manlyman's dad's 5th deathday, it was really cold outside, & i just feel out of sorts. how is that for complaining? not enough? want a little more? well it's tuesday night, & i'm not at my favorite coffee house, crafting with my mamas. i should not complain about that - we switched to wednesdays. it's not like i shall have no crafting this week... i'm just pouting because i want to be there nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

a friend once told me that when i start letting negatives overwhelm me, i should purposely list a bunch of positives. something about refocusing my mind, blah, blah, blah. i know i should do this. i know it would work. i have no intention of doing such. i feel the need to wallow in my blahness.

wallow with me!!!! but first watch this. it's our new theme song for mama tuesdays wednesdays. there is a cute coffee guy at our coffee house :-)

ok now we wallow.

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