27 April 2008

666 hades blvd., infernoville, hell

that's my new address, in case you were wondering. sometime during the night, our home was moved from our cool, misty hilltop - to hell. i had always assumed hell would be hot; what with all the fire & brimstone; but i had no idea! thehobbit & i spent the majority of today miserable beyond belief. ok i was miserable, but my misery was enough for the both of us. i suffered, so that he could bop about the house unaware of just how miserable he truly was.

i've been in full belfry mode the last few days. the dinkie gnomies are stacking up, as are the crowns, & the flower pins. i plan on making acorn pins, & leaf pins (both hobbity requests,) but need to find brown & green wool sweaters first. it feels really good to be back in the swing of things.

i've also been making sure to take a little time to make things for myself, & my family. that goes far in keeping me from feeling overwhelmed.

other than the above, things are the same as usual... busy & lovely. i may not get much blogging done in the next two weeks, because we're getting ready for a visit from my brother & his family! they live in oregon, so seeing them is a rare treat. thehobbit has already begun making plans for playing with his cousins. so far he's talking about sharing his most favorite toys, & spaces - which is huge! & unheard of.

that's all for today. it's just too hot to sit still for long. i hope the weather there is mild, or at least to your liking. here is a peek at the bag i made for oddsox:

photo :: property of 'something out of nothing'
i'll have a proper photo for you soon. hopefully soon. soonishishish.


~Phaedra~ said...

cool pool still available at my tree house...anytime- hell beasts welcome...

kat said...

heehee hell beasts.
i'm looking forward to your summer swims!

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