08 April 2008

there was no trip to paris!

i know! you are as shocked as i was yesterday morn... why aren't you getting up? what do you mean 'late for what?' what do you mean 'what ship?' no not paris las vegas. what? what?!.... really? no seriously, really? oh.

good thing i didn't finish cleaning the house to surprise hewhodidnotsailmetofrance, formerly known as manlyman.

i eventually hid got over my disappointment, & we had a lovely; albeit los angelesian; day.

today was the usual book/craft gig out at soap's. we read this to them whilst they worked on their 100 somethings. the book is short enough to read in 1 or 2 sittings, & we all enjoyed it.
after that, we set the shorties loose on the backyard, & spent the remainder of the day knitting, & cursing. ok perhaps only i did the cursing, but! the double moss (aka double seed) stitch is a bleeping bleep!

that's all for today. no croissants, no parisian shopping sprees. no sniff walk along sniff the sniff seine. Mon coeur se casse!

have a lovely night.

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