12 April 2008

some like it hot

i am not one of those some. i love this, but that's for another chat. the hot i loathe is of the weather-variety. anything above 75 85f, & you'll find me miserable,whimpering, & most likely... complaining. doesn't that make you want to spend the summer with me? i grew up where summers were in the triple digits, so i haven't a clue why i am so intolerant. thehobbit is miserable when it's hot as well. not manlyman though; he's a freak.

it was horridly hot at soap's today, & that's where we hold hogwarts classes. the shorties did an endothermic experiment - made juice slushies by surrounding their jars of juice with ice & rock salt. the experiment was a success, & they enjoyed the results. sadly there were no endothermic pina coladas for the professors to enjoy.

this week has been busy, & the weeks ahead look to be even more so. the 100s luncheon was a huge hit with the shorties. they proudly shared their projects, & showed great enthusiasm when looking at the others'. when elvie decides to work again, i can show you some of his drawings. & when pigs fly...

yesterday the r&s group met at the nhm for preview day of their butterfly pavilion. it was such a lovely outing. we go many times a year, & never does being surrounded by all those butterflies fail to amaze me. a news crew was there, & interviewed one of my r&s shorties! she did wonderfully well, & sweetly tried to introduce thehobbit to the news crew. to say he wanted nothing to do with cameras & newsmen would not begin to describe his flight! my boy became a blur. he did watch the news clip later, & thought seeing his buddy on tv was "so neat!" after the butterflies we had a picnic in their rose garden. if only every homeschooling day was that magical, & peaceful.

tomorrow we're closing the 100s project by going to see a play based on the book. i am looking forward to it, i just hope the theatre has air-conditioning. that's all for now. i'm off to get some ice coffee water, & poke around blogland for a bit.
happy saturday!

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