10 April 2008

life on the farm

is not 'kinda laid back.' i'm not sure why john denver claimed it to be.
we worked hard yesterday: transplanting, weeding, tending, repotting, & harvesting. there was no laid backification (real word) going on. instead there was back outification (also real word.) i just never learn.

my plan is to get the exsisting beds filled, so i can focus on building the new ones - in which 'focus' means sitting on a bench with an iced tea, watching manlyman build the new beds. all that's left to that end are tomatoes & cucumbers. i have some teeny seedlings planted, but i think i am going to cheat, & buy some big plants to extend the season. we loves us our 'maters & cukes.

today is the luncheon to celebrate the completion of our 100s! thehobbit is so excited, that he got dressed at 7am, & has been talking about it non-stop since. noooooon-stop. he loves the formalness of the word luncheon. it lends a certain air to the day... which; knowing his penchant for dressing to the occasion; would mean he was dressed in his fancies. right? were you to assume this, you too would be wrong. he who dresses fancy to use the toilet, decided this was a perfect occasion to wear normal people clothing - tan cargo pants, dark gray long sleeved shirt, taupe fleece vest. as a matter of fact, he's been dressing this way for about a week now. his way of being different? dressing like actual people who live in this time, & are not going to the opera?
*edited to add: before we left, thehobbit removed the fuzzy vest, added a short sleeved dress shirt, & a black tie.

& that brings today's babble to a close. happy thursday :-)

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