06 February 2010

in which thehobbit gets help

the day is finally upon us - today is the hobbity boy's number 12 birthday!!! for me that means quite a bit of birthday snuggling, plus a pile of work yet to be done for tomorrow's party. for you it means it's time to draw a winner from the top hat!

i let thehobbit draw the winner. never let it be said that i don't spoil my boy rotten on his special day ;)

& of course, being a great old man of 12, he needed help.

the winner is number 3!!

"Asti said...
Pretty bunting !
Happy birthdays to you :) Have a wonderful time boys !"

yay - congrats asti! email me an addy, & i'll ship the wonky birthday bunting this week.

thanks to everyone for making this a fun give-away. i enjoyed it so much, i just may have to find loads of reasons to give you prezzies.

now i'm off to pay the price for being queen of all procrastinators. anyone want to clean thebelfry, & go to the market for me? no? sigh.



Asti said...

Thankyou so much ! I'm so excited. If it gets here in time I'll use it on Maddies 5th ! xx

kat said...

i hope it makes it! i included a little prezzie for maddie.

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