03 February 2010

you say potato, i say wow!

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this is a photo of poe tater. thehobbit & i began growing him eons ago, but never did we find the time to plant the poor thing. for awhile we worried the lack of soil would kill our beloved poe, but that was not what happened.

do you see all those tendrils? that's not hair, my friend. that would be freakylong (real word) roots! the cup filled with roots, & i suppose once there was nowhere else left to fit, the roots decided to grow out into the air. wild!

wilder still? do you see the teeny red dots at the ends of the roots? those would be...

baby potatoes!! yes way! who knew that they could grow out in the air like that? not just without soil, mind you, but literally hanging in the air. we watched them grow for a week, then planted poe in 1 of the extremely over-grown with weeds farm beds.

i recommend you give this a try. don't forget to keep replenishing the water in your cup, & keep it in a sunny window. other than that? ignore the crud out of it until you start seeing air taters. let me know how yours turns out!


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