27 February 2010

fancy hats optional


i wish i could have a tea party, & invite you all. since i cannot, i want to ask you to celebrate my birthday with me, right where you are.

pour yourself a cup of tea, or coffee if you prefer (or booze if you prefer). don't forget the plate of tiny treats! if you have kids, send them off to play elsewhere, so we can relax. mine are in the other room already.

are you wearing a fancy hat? parties are all the more fun with fancy hats. of course if you aren't the fancy hat type, that's ok with me. i'm just glad you're here.

it isn't a birthday party if there aren't prezzies, & so, i have a prezzie for you! i came across this movie quite by accident, & loved it. the sets are amazing, the costumes make me drool, & well, colin firth is in it. need i say more? i thought not. i watched it on netflix's instant watch, so if you have it, you can head over after you leave here. to tempt you:

ooh! i hear the kettle calling. i'm off to make more tea. thank you for joining me in celebration. now go have a glorious day!


ps :: the flowers are in my insanely over-grown backyard. i love flowers that flourish without my help.


blueeyedcrow said...

Happy, happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

Asti said...

Happy birthday Kat !! (That looks like my type of film - thanks :)

kat said...

thank you so much!!!

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