12 February 2010

thursday things - 5

buy the mini mushroom set here!

it would seem i forgot to post my thursday things yesterday. are you surprised? no, you are not. but! you forgive my swiss cheese brain, because you, my one & only reader, are kind. & dazzlingly good looking to boot. :)

today's things are all about a favorite pastime of mine; playing make-believe.

look what i found on etsy!

* wooden catapult - long time readers will recall my thehobbit's love of toy catapults. this one is divine in its simplicity, & affordable. a must-have, if you ask me.

* fairy crown - all i can say is "wow".

* coffee to go - any child of a coffee addict should have this in his/her play food basket - can't emulate mama or daddy-o without it. i know i'll need one for elfling before too long.

* fairy kitchen set - i showed thehobbit, & he immediately ran off to tinker with his borrowers' house. you cannot get a better thumbs-up than that.

& now you must get yourself gone from here, ignore your chores & work, & spend the remainder of the day wallowing in make-believe. yep, i am that bossy.



Naturalearthfarm said...

What wonderful finds Kat and that mushroom set is adorable.
Warm wishes,

kat said...

thanks tonya :)

woolies said...

I want that catapult. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do with it, as MY hobbit doesn't play with catapults anymore, but I just want it.

kat said...

woolies~ let's not waste toys on the shorties - get thee a catapult!
sorry, spent too much time working on a set of 'shakespeare people' today ;)

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