10 February 2010

the party - part b

what does one do when one wants to talk about food, but took no photos of food? one takes a photo of the still unwashed party dishes! let me clarify, so manlyman doesn't faint from shame; the dishes were done that night. all that's left is this little bowl of soaking soy bottles & veg cutters. it's ok love, you can get up off the floor now.
afraid we'd run out of food, i made quite a lot. so much in fact, that i sent the stragglers home with food, & thehobbit was able to have sushi for 2 days more. ok, i may have gone overboard, but oh well.
if you're looking for kid-friendly japanese birthday party food ideas, here is what i served:
*tamari almonds
*veg sushi (cucumber, carrot, scallion, enoki)
*molded hard-boiled eggs
*salted edamame
*sweet-spicy green beans
*inarizushi (i used canned inarizushi no moto - tofu pockets)
*cold noodle salad
*iced green tea
*cupcakes with adzuki paste frosting
the extras for sushi:
*pickled ginger
*sesame seeds
*2 flavors of vegetarian furikake
here are the promised recipes:
when i said recipes yesterday, i meant it in the loosest sense of the word. as in: i would tell you what was in things, & you would figure it out from there. i am sorry! i didn't measure. i rarely do. helpful, am i not?
*cold noodle salad*
1 package of cooked japanese noodles
trader joe's wasabi dipping sauce (or: tamari, sesame oil, & wasabi)
orange champagne vinegar (or: seasoned rice vinegar, & orange juice)
1/4 head of cabbage, sliced very thin
1 bunch enoki, chopped
3 large scallions, thinly chopped on an angle
1 large handful of cooked edamame
pinch of sea salt
1) make a dressing with the dipping sauce & champ vinegar. if you need to use the substitutes, use the other vinegar & sesame oil as you would in a normal salad dressing. add a splash of oj, another of tamari, then some wasabi to taste. go easy on the wasabi though. tinker until you like the taste.
2) toss the dressing with the rest, & chill.
*sweet-spicy green beans*
1 package/bunch of steamed green beans, chopped
1/2 a bunch of enoki, chopped
pinch of garlic powder
red chili flakes
clear oil
1) make a simple syrup from the water & sugar. add the garlic, then the chili flakes & tamari to taste. you could skip this & add the flakes to a sweet teriyaki sauce, i suppose.
2) pour the marinade over the green beans & enoki. serve hot, room temperature, or chilled.
that's all i have time for today. i hope i've inspired you to host your own japanese party. at the very least i hope i've made you hungry as i now am ;)

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