28 February 2010

fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads...

do you remember that song? this post has nothing to do with fish heads, but the song got stuck in my head (yours too? you're welcome), when i was thinking about how roly poly the new people heads are.
my supplier changed the shape, & they didn't say if they'd be switching back or not. i'm bummed, i prefer the flatter head.

the gal with orange hair is the original style. i apologize for their nakedness; they're shameless. do you see the difference in the shoulders though? the original's are not as round. i don't mind that much, it's the head that has me discombobulated.

look how much more roly poly it is. the original's is more squished, which i think makes a for a better face. i was going to say more realistic, but i don't want you thinking i'd lost my marbles completely.
that isn't to say louise isn't as cute as pippi, she just isn't the same. (soap! you named the new gal without even realizing.)
i don't know. what do you think? i would love your input.

i'm sorry, but that eco gnome is just too cute. i told you he was dinky, but i bet you didn't realize just how dinky :)
wow, that was a short nap. ok, i'm off to smooch all over my elfling's face. please leave a comment about the new heads.


mrsbeccijo said...

Now the song is stuck in my head! LOL Thanks!

kat said...

my pleasure ;)

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