26 February 2010

what the??


yes, you have come to the right place. strange isn't it? i have been wanting to switch to a white background for some time; because photos look so much brighter on one; but i love the scribe template immensely.

well, i finally made the change last night. change is good. right? right?!?! tell me change is good, because i am freaking a wee bit. i still have to tweak things here & there.

i need to re-shoot the header photo - this template doesn't allow my blog name to be in lower case. that just won't do. all who know me tease me for my lack of caps. i love the photo of my gate, so i'll most likely shoot the same image, but with my blog's name in the picture itself. i cannot decide just how though. perhaps i'll do the letters on individual squares of fabric, string up some twine, & hang the title using mini wooden clothespins. we'll see. (edited to say :: i added text to the original photo. it'll do, for now.)

there's also the issue of columns. i hacked the last template for the 3rd column, & can do the same to this template, but i'm on the fence. a part of me likes the sleek look, but then i personally don't like scrolling for days to reach something on an other's blog. 3 columns is great to eliminate that issue. again, we'll see.

that's all i came to tell you today. i am waiting for a custom order to dry, so i can finish it. have a lovely day, do!


** tomorrow is my birthday! what did you get me? **

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