02 February 2010

promised japanese goodies,

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with photos even! i hope you landed on something soft when you fainted just now. so what did i get? nothing for me; drat that tiff & her challenge. i did get lots of yummy party snacks, & ingredients for the actual meal - including sweet red bean paste. i find it too sweet, but thehobbit loves it. i plan on using it as frosting on the cupcakes.

another plan is to have them create their own obento. i couldn't afford a bento box for each child, so i bought a pack of disposable ones. i don't like the waste, but i haven't that many plates anyway.

the store has a whole obento section, so i was able to get lots of things to make the activity fun. if you enlarge the photo above you'll see the tools for cutting carrot slices into flowers, & teeny bottles for soy sauce. too darn cute. also, look at these:

on the right are cups that keep food separate. the other???? well that is simply the most fabulous thing ever - a hard boiled egg mold!!! i've seen molded eggs on obento sites, but could not figure out how they were created. here are the directions:

i hope to get to the japanese market today. there were a few things the dollar store didn't carry - including a newspaper. i need that to make bunting. they gave me a stack of ads to use, but i'll need more. plus they were mostly pink. thehobbit probably doesn't want an all-pink bunting strung everywhere ;)

that's all for today. i am off to look up how far ahead i can make a platter of inarizushi. au revoir! (still no energy to look up 'goodbye' in japanese.)


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