20 February 2010

losing my mushrooms


i have a shop update in a few days, & want to list my felt mushrooms. i think they'd be wonderful in an easter or spring basket. when thehobbit was smaller, i gave him one on ostara, & he didn't put it down for days. he still has it, though being a great old man of 12, the mushroom now lives in his treasure box.

it wasn't until i went to photograph them that i realized i had sold the lot at winter faire. making more isn't a problem. well, it wouldn't be were i to find my pattern, & mushroom-colored felt. i packed it together, & stored the basket somewhere where i could easily find it. yeah...

i've searched my studio twice, but not come across it. i did find this lone mushroom, in a box of ribbon. i don't know how it got there, but i suspect this guy had something to do with it:

now if i come across the other acorn gnomies; during my mushroom kit search; perhaps i'll include them in the update as well.

do you store things where you're certain you'll find them, then not?


Asti said...

That's my speciality ! Having about 8 knitting baskets and numerous bags and drawers to 'keep things safe' means I can never find anything :)

kat said...

nice to know i'm not alone.

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