22 February 2010

!!!!!!shop update!!!!!!!


head over to theshop, & see the newest creations! can you believe i actually got things a) created, & 2) in theshop? clearly i am not kat, but kat's more together twin ;)

there are: birthday crowns, felt mushrooms, & wooden forest gnomes. woohoo, indeed.

my crown listings are sans models this time around. thehobbit decided he was no longer willing to model for me. no worries, as oddsox' youngest boy looks like a younger version of my hobbity one, & is more than willing. as soon as we've done the photo shoot, i'll be updating the listings.

a few things in the works: crowns in paler hues, crowns of damask, drink slings, & aprons. i also have been sketching new shakespeare people. is there anything you'd like to see?

i'm off to make gluten-free brownies with my unwilling model. i'd love to stay & chat, but i need some brownies, & you have to go buy all my stuff :)

have a glorious one, do!

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