18 February 2010

thursday things - 6

did you notice that the other day i hung the above picture over there? -------> of course those of you who subscribe don't see all the sidebar goings-on. in fact, for all you know i deleted both sidebars long ago, & that arrow points only to the next word. you really should visit the blog more often; to see all you're missing.
this week's thursday things is natural kids. they are an international group of very talented artisans, who create toys, clothing, & other things for children out of natural materials.
their shop is a portal to each artisan's etsy shop where you can browse by shop name, or by category. they also have a fun blog, to better get to know the group's individuals. the recent post is a delicious, vegan scone recipe. mmmm.
i haven't had a chance to visit each shop, but what i've seen thus far has been beautiful. they take such care with their creations, & it shows. you may have seen some items here, as i featured a few of their artisans last thursday.
they, them, their - all pretty words, but they don't really apply when i write about natural kids. not any longer, at any rate. you see, i am now a very proud member of their group! that's right, my as in: we, us, our! you may woohoo me now :)
thanks for indulging me in a bit of self-congratulatory-thursday-thinging (real word) - i just couldn't help it :)
now i am off to make dinner, & you, my one & only reader, are going to check out my group's shops. heeheehee my group.
**blogger is messing with my spacing again.**

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