23 February 2010

new shipping envelopes


i ran out of the smaller, padded envelopes. since my time for errands is limited these days, i didn't want to waste it on shopping for boring supplies. i'd much rather squeeze in a short trip to a thrift shop!

i've long wanted to create envelopes out of something i would recycle anyway. i tried magazine pages a few months back, but they looked sloppy. the other night i was walking around thebelfry, looking for something that would suit, when i spotted paper bags from the grocery store.

now don't get on me for wasting trees, please. i use cloth bags (heck, i make cloth bags!), i just don't always remember to bring them. so when i do bring home my shopping in paper bags, i reuse the bags.

i try to find uses that take the place of something i would have to buy - that way i eliminate the cost, & waste of another something. in the past i've used them for gift tags & wrapping paper (before i began using cloth bags & metal tins for prezzies), & made many hobbity sketch pads.

back to the envelopes: so i put the sets of shakespeare people into their cloth bags, wrapped them in (previously used) tissue - hahaha not tissue for blowing noses, for wrapping! - then measured the packets. i added 1.5 inches around, & cut out 2 pieces of bag for each set.

from there it was over to sewlie: a zigzag stitch on 3 sides, slide in a packet, & zigzag the whole shebang closed. because my market has fun designs on their bags, i slapped an address label onto each.

the first two:

i love them!

this isn't a permanent answer to my envelope quandary. after all, i am still working on remembering to bring my cloth bags to the market. for now though? i have the most fabulous envelopes that ever there were :)

for fellow bizzie owners: what to you re-purpose? let's share ideas, so we can get closer to a greener way of doing things!



maltagirl said...

i wonder how these will hold up to the postal service. Mail one to yourself and see. Such an awesome idea!!!!! I use the same bags for curing sacred waters soap on!

kat said...

they're as sturdy as a regular mailer. i let quality control (aka thehobit) bang one around quite violently, before creating the ones for the actual items.

mmm do the bags then smell divine? what can you do with them from there? are they destroyed, or can you find another purpose?

maltagirl said...

sadly the are oil soaked and not so pretty. not good for much:( The post office managed to seriously mangle a few of my boxes during the xmas rush. I hate that!

Robyn L. Coburn said...

Awesome recycling idea, Kat.

kat said...

thanks robyn!

Prettydreamer said...

Kat .. well done!! ~Pamela

cutelittlething said...

this is GREAT!!! and your packages look cool too!!! I may have to steal this one as my supply of bags is overflowing and mailing supplies dwindling.

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