25 February 2010

a mini documentary: eco gnomes


eco gnomes are the environmentalists of the magical world. above you see a group of them, on a clothing expedition. they take magazines that humans no longer need, & turn the pages into clothing. one issue of kiwi could clothe an entire colony for a year!

after they have dealt with their nakedidity (real word), they try to get adopted by humans. once in their new homes, the eco gnomes set about helping the humans live more green lifestyles.

it seems that one little guy made his outfit already, but it looks a bit wonky. no iron, perhaps?

don't feel badly for the little wrinkled guy, he's already been adopted. by me! his fellow gnomies will be heading to theshop sometime in the next week. once they've arrived, i'll let you know so you can adopt 1 as well. if i can stop myself from keeping them, that is.

(can you believe how tiny they are? that is not a giant acorn in that 1 picture. these gnomes are an inch tall!)

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