09 February 2010

the birthday party - part 1

i am so glad thehobbit's birthday party is no longer heading my to-do list. i loved creating a day that fully celebrated my boy, but wow! this one took a great deal of work.

i wish i had photos to share of all the food, & of the kids making their obento, but i haven't. i, in typical kat-fashion, took 2 photos, then promptly forgot i owned a camera. rats & fleas, indeed.

here is 1 of those photos:

that's the kids' table. i used a camping table, as its telescoping legs made it possible for them to sit on the floor. the place mats were ads from the japanese store. on the mats, each child had: a napkin, a packet of rice cookies, a disposable bento box, bamboo chopsticks, & a paper oshibori.

in the center of the table were: sushi grass, decorative picks, paper food cups, & dinky soy sauce bottles. not pictured is the bowl of soy sauce, & that of molded eggs. more on the eggs later.

thehobbit was concerned for their dainty knees & bums, so began placing my velvet couch pillows on the floor. hahahahaha, as if! manlyman brought out folded white towels for them to use, & though he pouted at first, in the end thehobbit was content.

the kids listened patiently to my brief explanation of obento & the things on the table. then they set about rolling sushi, cutting out carrots (there are special little metal cutters, used to turn slices of veg into various shapes. our set was of flowers.), & gathering food. the kids then spent a seriously long time designing & creating their boxes.

the parents & i were quite impressed with some of those creations! one party-goer loved hers so much, she refused to eat it. how cute is that?

after eating, they watched an amazing documentary about origami. you heard me correctly, i said documentary. i know it was a party, but we're homeschoolers, it's how we roll. you must see this show, it will blow your mind. the documentary originally aired on pbs, but we got it from netflix.

my plan was to have them then create their own origami masterpieces, but we ran out of time. they were too busy being goofy preteens, & i didn't want to get in their way. all in all a darn good day :)

i'll tell you about the food; with recipes; next time.


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