19 May 2008

through the eyes of a hobbit

my boy is obsessed with taking photos these days. usually they're ones only a 10yo would love. we ooh & aah appreciatively; but that's only because we don't want to scar him for life. more than we already have.

i must admit that this past week he's taken a few interesting pictures.

do you remember the moon sand we talked about a few months ago? well this is what it looked like when the hobbit made a kajillion tiny plops using a miniature ice cream scoop:

i'm not fond of bright red, purple, or blue, so goodness knows why i like the above photo. this angle is brilliant:

here we have one of many, many, many self-portraits:

i call this one hobbity rock star.

as i said, most of the photos he takes are too close so they blur, or they're of minipaper taking a picture of him, or the pics are of the inside of his mouth - the usual kidfreak stuff. don't get me wrong, i understand the value of the kidfreak photos. when he's a grown man we can look at the pictures, & remember how silly & dinky he once was. we can also show them to his significant other to embarrass the bleep out of him. unless of course he marries minipaper... then they'll probably ask for the pics, so they can frame, & hang them on the wall with pride.

speaking of the boy & his best girl - this was a chat we had yesterday morn:

th - mama, when me & minipaper are grownieups & married..

m - (gasp) um what?!

th - no mama! (duh you idiot tone) i am not marrying minipaper! she is my best friend! when she is married & i am married to other people!!

m - (heehee) ah. ok. &?

th - well when we are married to other people, we can bring our kids that we have with the other people to see our tree. right?

m - (awww how utterly sweet!) yes baby that's right.

th - cool.

(yeah. cool.)

happy full moon! go moon someone. tell them i sent you.



Tracey said...

I plan to show my daughter's corny pics too. I actually like the pics he took. He may one day be on the cover of Times or Newsweek:)

kat said...

thanks :-)

let me know when you've posted her photos, so i can take a look.

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