24 May 2008

i miss sleep the most

elvie is behaving today, so i have photos to share! mind you, it took 3 attempts to upload them, but at least it worked in the end.

when i'm not running from one homeschool event to another, or watching this, you can find me chained to my sewing machine these days.

i couldn't find a project to go along with our latest book-project-club title. it needed to be something that tied in with the book, & that we worked on together. with only days left, i recalled this project that amanda does with her kids. thehobbit drew his version of the motorcycle, then i took it to tu-wednesday night craft to embroider. we both love how it turned out!

i had to leave out a lot of his detail due to my fingers falling off, but he didn't mind. it will become a couch pillow when i am done with the upcoming show. thanks amanda!

baskets are quickly filling with items for sale. as exhausted as i am, it is so satisfying to see the baskets fill, & the stacks threaten to topple. below are my drawing kits, dinky gnomies, needlebooks, & wool pins.

this morning i finished a custom order. i hope the little girlies like their birthday crowns.

i forgot to photograph the backs. they are the opposite color on the reverse, with french knots at the tips of the crown. the ones i'll be selling at the upcoming show will be backed with fabric instead of more wool felt.
that's all for today's show & tell. i've got to get back to sewing, & check the farm. the last few days have been rainy & windy. i hope all the seedlings are ok.
what are you doing today?


Michelle said...

Oh, they do, they DO LOVE their crowns! They were decked out in their evening dresses and KatsintheBelfry accessories, (beloved drink slings and new cherished crowns), last night at the fancy italian place where we continued the birthday girl's celebration. Our hunky italian waiter complimented them and then turned to me and said, "Where's your crown? You'd look lovely in one." Well, I couldn't agree more! Please save me one. I'll wear it everywhere! :)

kat said...

oh i'm so pleased! thanks for letting me know :-)

& yum to hunky (obviously intelligent) waiters!

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