27 May 2008


i was at the back fence chatting with rubelin, when thehobbit came out to ask if he could put some butter on a few rye crackers.

i; being an amazing mama; said that he could. he; being a butter fiend; was then reminded to not lick the knife, nor any other utensil, nor his fingers. basically all extra butter licking was forbidden.

a few more minutes of chatting, & i went back inside to finish the project i'd been working on. i found my sweet hobbit walking to the snack table to eat his crackers. did he lick anything he was told to not lick? no! why? because he's an excellent listener? no. why then?

because he'd sliced; length-wise; thick slabs of butter to place between his crackers! the butter looked like thick slices of monterey jack cheese. extra butter without breaking one promise! the boy is a genius! i couldn't even get pissed, because i was so utterly impressed with his cunning.

just then daddyo arrived home. i showed him the butter sammich his dinky boy was eating, & shared the story. do you know what he said? do you? he said like mother like son. awww. what a lovely thing to say! the expression on his face, coupled with his tone hinted that he did not mean it to be complimentary, but i'm sure that was just exhaustion from a long day at work.

time for me to be off. i'm feeling a tad snacky myself.
p.s. those crackers have no wheat, soy, or corn in them. they taste pretty good, & hold up to spreads of all sorts.


rubelin said...

omg, I thought he actually WAS eating cheese on those crackers and, as you rushed off to take a closer look, I wondered what kind of lovely cheese you had found that didn't hurt his tum. oh, well, at least the butter doesn't hurt him, lol!

kat said...

hahahaha! genius no?

see readers? here rubelin stands witness to the interestingosity(real word) that is my hobbit.

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