31 May 2008

i forgot to sit down

what a lovely day! the weather was stunning, the people at the fair were nice, the music was good, the snacks were naughty, thehobbit was well-behaved, & i had fun.

it was well worth all the hard work, & the aching feet. i really should have sat down occasionally.

here are a few photos:

the small bags are the new ones i mentioned the other day.

click on the photo to see the dinkie gnomie orphanage! heehee. i cannot believe how fast those little guys get adopted.

now it's etsy shop time. yes i know i've said that before, but this time i mean it. yes i know i said that too. be quiet.
i'm off to enjoy a hot cup of tea, & to beg a hot cup of manlyman for a foot massage.


maltagirl said...

desi was ecstatic to be entrusted with the care of the lost and traumatized gnomie. She really loves those darn little guys.

show well done mama. your stuff was awesome.

kat said...

i'm glad she loves the gnomies so :-)

thank you. your creations were gorgeous as well - i am such a fan !!

Robyn L. Coburn said...

That's a beautiful felted lady there. I'm sorry I didn't check our your blog before the big day instead of now; I would have come over. Do the Etsy store - it is ridiculously easy to set up.

Robyn C.

kat said...

welcome robyn :-)
it's lovely to 'see' you here!

i agree about the felted tree-woman, she's stunning; but she's not mine to claim.


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