10 May 2008

of trolls, needles, & time

i'd like to know who has been at the belfry the last few days pigstyificating (real word) it. manlyman's been back at work, & thehobbit & i have been leaving shortly after breakie. clearly trolls are sneaking in, because i cannot believe we are able to make this mess in the few hours we're home & awake. or!!! manlyman has taken up sleep-messing. that has to be it. or the other.

with the pacifica may fair just weeks away, i've been sewing like a mad woman. i had begun to panic, when i realized i'd sold almost all my market bags - luckily my sweet visitors brought a bag of fabric from maman, so i'm able to make more. merci maman!

yesterday we had hogwarts. the kids played with hydrophobic sand, then watched a documentary whilst the mamas crafted. i was able to get snaps on all my needlebooks, with time left to do a little embroidery.

look at this!

the auntie & uncle gave this book to thehobbit. it's great fun, & came with a pocket watch like the one pictured! it's well-made, actually works, & the best part is it runs backwards. seriously... i am tempted to steal it for my own.

ok one & only reader, my the rewinder says it's time for me to go. we're off to an environmental festival today. i hope you have a loverly saturday. ~peace.

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