07 May 2008

belfry gone wild

my mellow little belfry has been turned into an insane asylum for the adorable. thehobbit & his cousins have been having the time of their lives these past few days. i have loved mostly every moment of it - watching them run around, squealing with laughter, holding hands, & snuggling as if they'd grown up together. extremely unusual for my freakyshy boy, & oh so wonderful to see.

sadly today shall be their last day with us. my brother's best buddy is next in line, & he is aching to see him. i don't know how he's stayed with us for so long - must be the lure of the sweetest hobbity nephew that ever there was. & that hobbit needed this... a few days of uninterrupted cousin play... attention from is beloved auntie & uncle. i'm so sad they have to go.

that's it really. i've nothing else to report: no crafting, no sewing, no gardening, no anything. it's been all about focusing on my family. oh... & the pestilence. manlyman decided now would be a good time to celebrate the year of the pestilence. ugh.

i hope you can spend time (pestilence-free) with family you love.


belleandboo said...

Hi Kat,
it is so sweet what you wrote about your little boy and his cousin, it reminded me of all the fun I used to have with my cousins & has given me a kick up the backside to get in touch with a long overdue phone call.
Mandy x

kat said...

mandy, if ever you need a good backside kicking... i'm here for you :-)

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