17 May 2008

ugh. yay! ouch. ooh. zzzzzzzz.

oh my one & only reader i am one tired mama.

today we met with other r&s groups, & the treepeople organization to plant trees in griffith park's burn zone.

ugh: it was 100 degrees where we were working! remember how i don't do well in temperatures above 75 85? let's just say i became seriously dizzy & nauseated a few times today - & yes i did drink lots of water. the blazing sun, & the hard, physical labor was not a good combination for me. plus i am a heat-whimp.

yay!: our little band of 4 weeded the area assigned to us, dug a freakydeep hole in solid clay, planted a 15-gallon catalina ironwood, sunk in posts, & mulched. it took us the entire 2 hours alloted, but we did it! they had us join hands after it was completed, & say "trees need people. people need trees. welcome insert name here!" we named our tree professor sprout after the hogwarts herbology teacher.

ouch: i ache from head to toe!

ohh: thehobbit discovered something whilst in the shower today. unwilling to get his hair wet, he decided to shower wearing his plastic, construction-worker hat. the water hitting the hat sounds like an audience applauding! oooh indeed. not one to just discover something, & move on; thehobbit then stepped out of the water, sang a little opera, then stepped back in for applause. over & over & over...

zzzzzz: seriously zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

what are you waiting for? go plant a tree!

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