15 May 2008

"never wake a sleeping dragon...

for you are crunchy, & taste good with ketchup."

i saw that on a bumper sticker about 7 years ago, & it just cracked me up.

the same could be said about kats - minus the you tasting good with ketchup bit. that said, please don't be offended if you do taste good dipped in ketchup, i really wouldn't know. i'm merely stating that that doesn't apply here, because i'm a vegetarian. sheesh. see what a mess i make when trying to be pc?

let's try that again... i am evil when someone wakes me. if you try, i'll bite your head off, & dip you in ketchup. ha!

ask thehobbit if you don't believe me. oh wait - you cannot. he sure did taste good. not a bit like chicken.

i'm tired.


MovieWatcher said...

Rest up! Love your Blog

Everything tastes better with ketchup (or so my Goddaughter says)

kat said...

thank you for your nice words :-)

my hobbit would agree with your goddaughter about ketchup. he'd keep a hipflask filled with the stuff if i would let him.

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