26 May 2008

of curses & shoes

were one to look through the stack of things i sewed today, one would assume i had been drinking through the night, & into the day. since i haven't had any boozie loveliness, the fault cannot be placed there. no my one & only reader, we both know where the blame lies. clearly my machine has been cursed. some person; jealous of my fame & fortune; placed a curse upon my sweet little sewlie. i can't think of any other explanation for the utter crap that was sewn upon her. i finally gave one of the birthday crowns o'crap to thehobbit, then decided to stop trying. oh, & go shopping :-)

have i ever shared thehobbit's shoe obsession with you? holy maude my child loves shoes. where other children squeal in the toy aisle, begging for the latest plastic nightmare, thehobbit can be found doing the same at shoe stores. he's always had more shoes than a small child ought. & no i don't think it's wrong to indulge his shoe obsession! shoes are pretty.

for about 6 months now, he's only owned 3 pairs! crocs, wellies, & tennies with holes where no holes should be. i know what you're thinking; just buy the kid some shoes! well you see a) he's extremely picky about shoes, & 2) his latest thing is a disgust for laces. after years of all tennies having velcro straps, now they have laces. as we grownieups have a disgust for character shoes, that slims the choices a bit.

have no fear dear reader - i had a brilliant idea! i realized i could replace the laces with elastic! sheer brilliance! i really should have thought of this ages ago. & yes... duh.

after discovering the curse upon the sewing machine, we took thehobbit to buy shoes. manlyman told him he could buy 2 pairs: one for walking, hiking, etc, & another for no reason at all. they found a pair of tennies that passed all our tests. manlyman declared them well-made & sturdy, thehobbit proved them to be excellent for running, (sorry miss salesperson,) & i proclaimed them not ugly cute.
now i need to remember where i put the elastic. hmm. the other pair are his homage to my manlyman's new toy - guitar hero 3.

they're cute, & i'm sure they'll look splendid with his dress shirts, & ties. hahahahaha! no seriously. i'm hopeful that one day his little rocker boy look, & his ties & sweater vest kid look will merge into something wild & cool. because if it doesn't? well... being a grandmama would have been lovely.
i'm off to watch a little wwry.

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