18 May 2008

no photos in japan with blended mochas

today i tried four times to upload photos to share with you. f-o-u-r! four times! don't you dare say what's the big deal? !!! that is 4 times on dial-up. on the slow-as-dirtest (real word) computer since the beginning of time. yes slower even than before computers existed. so i'll have no sass from you, thank you very much.

needless to say; but apparently i am saying it; i was unable to upload photos. don't ask me what is going on with elvie (she of slower-than-dirtitude: also a real word,) because i haven't a clue. i managed to get the wifi working for one day only. it was a magical day. i'm sure you noticed birds singing, & bees dancing about in tutus. i was responsible for this.

enough of that. this morning we went to the japanese dollar store. that place is amazing! as soon as manlyman wins the lottery, i am going to spend every cent there. i bought a great many things bamboo knitting needles for $1!!

it takes me forever to get through the place. not just because of the wonderful things for sale, but because i love reading the terrible translation on the packages. most are slightly left of target, with the rest being utterly silly. i don't know why, but the wonky translations make me happy.

there were more errands, all of which were ran with thepapers. running around town is a wretched way to spend a few hours, but it's fun when you have good friends along. when all the to-dos were to-done, we treated ourselves to blended mochas. mmmmm.

we picked up two little wooden houses today. one was tall & skinny, & looking very much like an outhouse. i couldn't resist commenting such, so of course both kids chose it. thehobbit even painted a little crescent moon over the door of his. hahaha! i love my odd child.

i don't know about you, but i'm guaranteed a good hour of quiet time if i sit my boy down with paints, & a birdhouse. one day soon his faery village will turn into a faery metropolis!

that's all for this photo-less, random post. did you have a lovely weekend? i hope so.


Phoenix said...

What a busy weekend you had...maybe you should come over for cocktails...or tell where that store is so I can spend a dollar there too...

kat said...

deal! you ply me with boozies, & i'll tell you where the store is located :-)

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