28 May 2008

the butterfly caught a cold

since thursday i've been playing kat & mouse with the pestilence. i thought if i took things slowly, & spent a good deal of time on the couch, i'd suffer no more than a whisper of a cold. poof! it would be here & gone before anyone was the wiser.

it would seem i suffer from delusions not only of grandeur, but of wishful thinking as well. insert dramatic sigh here. my throat is on fire, my head is stuffy, & now thehobbit's glands are huge. this is not a good time for all this pestilence brouhaha.

feeling crummy aside, it's been a lovely day.
thehobbit & i were thrilled to find our first butterfly emerge! my boy sat quietly in the sunshine for nearly half an hour, whilst the butterfly dried its wings, cupped in his hands. finally he deemed flutterbye (i did not choose the name) ready to be put in the bougainvillea, & we went back inside.

i created a sweet bag today. it's slightly smaller than the kiddie market bag, & has one handle instead of 2. there's a patch on the front, with the word treasures embroidered in a pale, icy blue. i took photos to share with you, but i haven't the energy to see if elvie is uploading today or not. if there is interest in the bag this weekend, i'll make more.

i also finished the embroidery for thehobbit's little pouch. he asked for a special zipper pouch in which to keep his inhaler. i asked what he'd like embroidered on the front, & he chose asthma sucks - ha! i love that boy.

well my one & only reader... i need to get off my arse & get my cupcake medicine. you look a little pale. perhaps you need medicine as well ;-)

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