30 May 2008

tired with a side of caffeinated

is this not the most adorable sammich ever?!?!?

photo :: property of shenanigans

the make believe lunch is made of wool felt, & has lovely embroidered details. plus pickle slices! alas i did not make this bit of loveliness - the artisan would be miss soap. if you think the sammich is sweet, you have to see her strawberries. which you can at tomorrow's show. did you see that sly segue?
i've had to swear to myself that i would not buy anything from my fellow dragonfly artisans. i do not exaggerate when i tell you they are amazingly gifted women.
did i tell you that i'm really tired? not the usual tired of which i often complain; but the didijusthaveanewbornbabe sort of exhaustion. the lingering pestilence, combined with trying to cram tons o'stuff into each day is wearing me to a nub. don't worry though dear reader, i'm not really taking it easy. plus manlyman brought me home a blended mocha with whipped cream medicine!
as if being caffeinated beyond belief weren't enough to make a day happy, we had three butterflies emerge today! thehobbit was in absolute heaven. i have to admit i find it pretty damned amazing myself; holding such a beautifully delicate creature... sorry i lost it. i was about to be poetic, but i'm either too tired, or too wired. you choose.
have a great night my one & only reader. come to the show tomorrow, & say hi.


maltagirl said...

so funny, i thought i clicked on the wrong blog this morning! thanks for the love !!!!!!

kat said...


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