14 May 2008

sit down!

i know how you enjoy blogging whilst standing, & have no desire to be responsible for you fainting to the floor. below you shall find... wait for it.... photos. not. from. clip. art. see? aren't you glad you sat?

here we have a corner of my home:

it's thehobbit's nightstand. well actually it's one of my dining room benches, but he stole it for his own. these are the things he must have near him when he goes to bed. hanging from the bedpost is his teddybear's jacket, & his wand bucket. below the bench is professor lupin's suitcase. i'm not allowed to know what he keeps in there, so i cannot share what secrets it holds. heehee. on that little shelf you'll find his pygmy puff. last, but not least, we have the top of the bench. here are his most treasured items: his pet dragon beneath a blanket, & his pet owl in a cage. thehobbit has agreed to let me share this photo, but is refusing to let me share the names of his pets. the 'painting' behind the dragon is a golf art calendar from daddyo. apparently the pets like fine art.

here we have part of the farm as of a week ago. the brussels sprouts had to be pulled due to nasty worms, & the sugar snaps were pulled because they stopped producing as much.

i couldn't resist taking a close-up of the fennel - isn't it beautiful? it was tasty too. mmmm.

totally unrelated to any of the above: i have had sitemeter for a few weeks now, so have been able to see who's visiting, & from where. i want to say that i'm thrilled so many people are stopping by the belfry, & from so many places around the world! i also want to ask something of you: please say hello! i have enjoyed the comments immensely, & would love more of them. i want to get to know all of you peeping toms ;-)

that's all for today. i have to finish here, so i can play outside with thehobbit. manlyman won guitar hero 3 on monday, & thehobbit is sad because i won't let him play with it. a little running around with mama in the fresh air should stop the pouting. hopefully. or i could give him candy! (joking)

have whatever kind of day you feel like having (after you say hello.) ~peace.

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