08 February 2008

admitting defeat

the thing-a-day thing is such a wonderful... thing! unfortunately i'm failing miserably with it. this pestilence is sapping all of my energy, & thehobbit is claiming any reserves. so, before i even begin to stress that i'm not making, doing, etc-ing each day... i feel i should withdraw. whew. that was a load off my tired shoulders.

look who was also at disneyland on wednesday

i still find it strange to see star wars at disneyland, but the jedi training show was absolutely brilliant! the actors do a wonderful job, & the kids that get chosen from the audience have such fun. perhaps it would seem less strange if darth wore mouse ears?

my plan is to get back to my sewing & crafting once i'm fully recovered. this is supposed to be a craft-focused blog after all. & photos... lots of photos. lots of photos not from clipart :-)

just a short post today. we had an r&s meeting today, & it really wore me down. happily, manlyman is on his way home as i type, so i can rest without worrying that thehobbit isn't getting enough attention. mamahood isn't always tiaras & bonbons. mostly, but not always.

i want waffles.

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