21 February 2008

i am here

you thought i really had left for wales, to live in the hobbit house. as tempting as it was... i decided to stay here. for now.

i hadn't meant to ignore the blog all week - the never ending pestilence, (song now stuck in my head,) has thrown me good & truly out of whack. not that i've ever been much in whack; but that's not the point.

thank you sweet pom for phoning to make sure all was well at the belfry! our bitchfest your concern was just what the doctor ordered.

other than pestilence, & out of whackness (real word) i have been insanely busy. to tell you even half of it would make for much too long a post, & a random one at that. here are the cliffnotes:

thehobbit has been drawing like a madman, has decided that he loves/hates knitting (never far from the tree,) saw part of star wars & decided it was too violent, is loving the secret garden, & yesterday said "mama when i own my own restaurant that i will cook at; you remember that place? where i will use my frying oil to power my trucks? well i am going to have a jukebox there. except, instead of songs from the radio, they will all be ones that i sing." (he managed to cram it all in there: chef, environmentalist, rock star!)

i have learned to bind a seam & to decrease, so am ready to venture beyond scarves & owl blankets! to celebrate i bought new needles & yarn, & am knitting another scarf. yes i know.

** edited to add: the latest issue of homeschool la is up!! **

that's all i have for you today. i'm afraid i've sunk into the funk of the pestilence, & am good for naught but bitching about it. worry not my one & only reader! this too shall pass, & before long i shall be back to my happy, crafting, blogging self; full of promises of photos not from clipart.

until then... you'll find me here.

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