25 February 2008

won't you take me to....

de-funky town? won't you take me to, de-fu-unky town?

oh solo reader i am officially defunkificated!!! (real word) since you put up with me during the funk of the never-ending pestilence, i shall share my defunkification (also real word.)

the night before last i got very little sleep, so yesterday i was a tad slap-happy. after breakfast, thehobbit wanted to sit by the window & draw, leaving me free to poke about the internet. an article in wondertime magazine mentioned a blog that sounded interesting, so i decided to take a look.

an hour later i was laughing so hard that tears were streaming down my face, i could not breathe, & thehobbit was getting concerned. anyone who has children will love finslippy!!! well maybe not uptight people; i don't mean offense to anyone by saying that... some people just are uptight. it's all good.

it's not enough to read a few posts; find something for the kids to do, & read as far back as you can... in no time at all you will find yourself laughing your arse off (better yet: don't get enough sleep tonight, then read it tomorrow... so you can cry like i did!)

in the middle of reading, my sweet spryte sent me this!!! already beyond tired, & laughing hysterically, these cartoons put me over the edge. i laughed so hard my head hurt, my abdomen hurt, my eyes were swollen from crying, & um did i ever tell you how i didn't do kegels when pg?

later thehobbit & i went to lovely pom's for our weekly playdate. she loved me like no other can... she baked me birthweek cookies! my favorites! macarooooooooons. not boring plops either, she formed pyramids! regular & chocolate! & the minipoms made me cards. i felt utterly spoiled.

when we got home, i went to check the chili that had been crockpotting (real word) all afternoon; only to find it had not finished cooking!!!!! i began to lose my happies, when manlyman agreed we should order veggie burgers from a local delivery place. yay!

after thehobbit went to bed (he goes down at 6:30-7:00 heehee) i read more finslippy, did yoga with my manlyman, & ended the day with jane.

oh what a day! a glorious end to the pestilence-induced funk, & a fabulous way to begin my birthweek!!!! i think this year shall prove to be the best 28th birthday i've yet had!

i must get going... we are ditching our to-do list, & heading over to disneyland. thehobbit wants to see the jedi show again. ahem. for someone who swears he did not like star wars, he sure has been drawing a lot of familiar spaceships, & building quite a lot of teeny droids.

ugh. thehobbit just cranked up his elvis cd. whimper. i love the king as much as the next person, but now i shall be singing elvis all day. you don't know me well... i cannot help singing. living with me is like living in a musical. if i'm not singing an actual song, i make up songs. it's like that episode of northern exposure when shelly was pg, & sang everything. only with me it's all the time. sigh. it seems i shall be viva las disneyland. woe is me.

enough babbling! go read finslippy, you can thank me later.

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