05 February 2008

rock the vote!

i have this naughty fantasy...
i am wearing a linen summer dress, with an entire day to just lounge about the house. watch a little tv, read a book, take a nap or 2, sit & just stare up at the blue sky. no chores get done, no errands, no places to be. all is quiet. relaxing.
nowhere in this fantasy am i miserable on the couch, in stained jams & a sweater with the hood up, nowhere is my throat on fire, nowhere is a small hobbit, bopping about the place as if he's got springs instead of feet!

i think i got the fuzzy end of the fantasy lollipop.

did you get out & vote?!?!

thehobbit loves going to the polls. he feels like he's a part of the day, & really gets into it. we always make sure to take a photo of him by the polling sign. he usually wears a 'peace' shirt, but today decided a tie was needed. so instead, he held his fingers in the peace sign. the volunteers always go out of their way to chat with him, & give him an i voted sticker. today we told everyone we chatted with that we were voting for martha stewart. we also asked the elderly man at the ballot machine if it was really a shredder. he was a good sport! when it went through, he made a horrified face, & said "oh no! it's shredded yours!" so nice when people play along.

day 3 :: oops.

day 4 :: vote. edit article. tackle huge pile of handwashing. (done, done, & done!) is it just me, or do you too love to see your wash out on the line, blowing in the breeze? i should have added bring handwashing in before the marine layer arrives. i checked before we left for the polls, & everything was nearly dry. a few hours later, & they were damp again.

something that wasn't intentional... i finished the square for my knitting wip! i just need to see soap, so she can show me the next step. &!!!! & i think i figured out how to purl.

ok i should stop babbling & get some rest. the pestilence is calling, & i'm 10 hours into labor! 12 more hours & thehobbit will be born. we looked at photos before tucking him in for the night. he liked the photo of me in labor, asleep, with the vomit bowl resting atop my giant belly. of course he did :-) my sweet, silly hobbit. sigh. yes my only reader. yes i am getting weepy. it's hard to fathom that upon waking tomorrow, i shall have been a mama for ten whole years.

rats. now i have to go peek on the sleeping boy.

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