02 February 2008


this morning paper challenged the dragonfly artisans to take part in the thing-a-day thing. what we're supposed to do is make something each day, then document it on our blogs. there is an official website, but we learned of it past the deadline, so shall try it on our own.

her enthusiasm was catching; & having had no coffee since early yesterday; i jumped right on board. the imbalnce of soycreaminess in my body was off, leaving me to joke that for my first day, i would make... wait for it... a mess. now we see i am rash, & witty without my java fix.

my plan was to get a few to-dos to-done, play with thehobbit, then sit down to create something astoundingly beautiful. all went well until shortly after lunch. tripping over a toy for the umpteenth time, i went a wee bit mad. i grabbed a few giant trash bags, & a small hobbit, & spent the remainder of the day purging the playroom. all the bags were stuffed, a box was found, then filled. thehobbit's cars alone went from a large bin on wheels, to a small wooden cigar box. we finished just in time for me to get dinner on. i turned to head for the kitchen, saw the disaster that was the bigroom, & realized... i had indeed.... wait for it... made a mess! ha!

so there you go. not only rash, & witty, it seems that i am also a woman of my word. & no, i have no pictures to document my creation. i couldn't find the camera even were i in the mood to take photos.

day 1 :: mess

don't be concerned for thehobbit. we'd planned a purge for later this month anyway. the rule is: play with it, or it's gone. nothing put in either donation bags, or trash were special, or beloved in anyway. he spent the evening thrilled at how spacious his playroom is, how he could find everything, & actually play in there. it's all good.

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