09 February 2008

oh what a circus, oh what a show..

that's a song from evita, & it's stuck in my head.

some days i feel like i live in the middle of cirque du soleil, without the amazing music. look at this short clip! practically a home video.
today was one of those days; complete with little clowns everywhere i turned, & chickens constantly trying to get into the house big top.
i know you think that's the pestilence talking, but you are wrong... actual chickens. soap has a bunch of them, & they kept sneaking in.

today's circus was brought to you by hogwarts charter school (for the exceptionally silly.) they really are. silly from here to there, and back again. i don't mean that in a negative way in the least. i think thehobbit, & his two bestest girlies are amazing. they are also a perfect fit... loons the lot of them.

fortunately i had no classes to teach today, so i could just sit with a hot tea & knit. they worked more on their faery houses, then had their first knitting lesson. they are dinky, so you know they picked it up more quickly than i. no month-long cursing festival either.

just after dinner we heard a loud, muffled bang! thehobbit came running from the other room to tell us he could see fireworks in the sky.

isn't that beautiful?! simply breathtaking. the photo isn't mine - clipart yet again. i did try, but they came out fuzzy, & looking very unlike fireworks.
i don't know what or where this show was, but it was great fun to stand on our front porch, & watch! manlyman suspects it was for chinese new year... you know, to celebrate the year of the pestilence. it's possible, as there is a large park not far from here. whatever the occasion, we were able to see the whole show quite well. it was a lovely surprise.

did i tell you i completed my first scarf?!?! i am beyond thrilled, & oh so proud of myself. i desperately wanted to wear it today; so i could show off; but it was in the low 70s! in february!! i know we live in southern california, but that is just silly. silly & i had a scarf to wear. today i knit a thinner version of my scarf to send to my mom. knitting is addictive. i do need to stop the scarf factory before it gets into full-swing, or i shall never complete my chickens. yes another teaser, i'm just bad that way.

that's all the babble i have today. the pestilence is taking all my energy. have a great night!

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